Our Story

There is no where quite like Fremantle! It’s rich history, colonial architecture, mixing pot of people and cultures, relaxed atmosphere and truly ‘free’ world view have set us up to fall in love.

In recent years, Fremantle has taken steps forward in cementing itself as a hub for good food, good wine and a great atmosphere.

Fremantle Food Tours endeavour to give tourists and Perth-residents alike a taste of what the locals love so much about Fremantle. Visiting one or two establishments just isn’t enough! There is so much to see and experience. That’s why we’ve created these food tours. You can have your cake and eat it too!

If you’re a tourist – let us show you our favourite places and jam a week of amazing food experiences into one glorious progressive dinner.

If you’re a Perth local, let us show you the real Fremantle and spark a love for this beautiful city.

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